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Surprising Trends and big expected market changes in the near future are the key results of the  WIND-Report about "Innovative Trends on the  Functional Food Market".

Probiotics, nutraceuticals and nutritional additives like vita- mines, minerals and amino acids are the main kinds of nutri-ents which belong to the group of functional food. While in Japan this market has a size comparable to the whole EU market the boom in Europe can be expected during the next years.

This report delivers early indicators about the companies which are sharing this view and are investing heavily into food research. Even until now the functional food market is growing by 7.5 % p.a., but this development has been topped by the 230 % growth of the number of new patents filed since 1998.

A considerable change or even a revolution will occur in the top lists of major players. Among the 5 most active companies in food innovations are only 2 typical food producers, and especially pharmaceutical and biotech com-panies are discovering this market segment.

By the method of  patent portfolio analysis more than 16,000 patents worldwide have been evaluated. Even among the lea-ding countries of research there are two big surprises